Affordable Child Care Benefit

Do you have a child attending a child care or pre-school program? You may be eligible for the Affordable Child Care Benefit.
Affordable Child Care Benefit is a monthly payment to assist eligible British Columbia families with the cost of child care. Monthly benefit payments vary depending on your family’s circumstances. Your eligibility will be determined when your application and all supporting documents are received by the Affordable Child Care Benefit. You may be eligible to receive full or partial benefit based on your family’s circumstances.
Estimate your eligibility with the Affordable Child Care Benefit Estimator.
Our experienced and friendly staff can help you with the new online application, and documentation requirements.
Booking an appointment is required. To view our location and operating times please see our Hours of Operation.
Any Questions? Feel free to Contact us at any time!
More information is available at

We can help you apply for the Affordable Child Care Benefit. Call our office to book an appointment

Affordable Child Care Benefit Application Checklist:
Before your appointment:
  • Choose your childcare/preschool and collect the completed Child Care Arrangement form from the provider
Bring to your appointment
  • Photo ID and proof of citizenship for the primary applicant and government-issued ID for the rest of the family members
  • All supporting documents required. To find out what supporting documents you need, please visit the ACCB website or contact our child care consultants who will make your appointment and can assist you in determining what is needed.

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