Library Closure

Our parent library has a selection of children’s books, puzzles, ride on toys and puppets from ages 0-12. We also boast a large collection of unique play sets which include things such as a mini light table with embossing tools, a sensory table, infant discovery kits, literacy kits, a construction tool set, beading and crafting kits and loose parts. Psychology and parenting self-help books, board games, DVD’s and other interesting items like a telephone activity centre are available to families to engage in creative play and learn together. Families are able to borrow five items for four weeks at a time for a subscription fee of $15/six-months. Ideas, information and the latest parent workshops are also shared within the parent lending library here at Child Care Options. We invite you to subscribe and borrow as we are now open.   

Here are just a few of the items you can borrow!

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