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Child Care B.C. – Caring for Kids, Lifting up Families

Information from the BC Budget 2018 outlining the Government of British Columbia’s child care plan.
To read more about the plan please visit the Child Care BC plan website.
To learn more about the following click on the highlighted words.
Child Care BC Maintenance Fund
Child Care Operating Funding program 
View the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative – Provider Opt-In Status list
Child Care BC New Spaces Fund
Start-up Grants
Universal Child Care Prototype Sites
Affordable Child Care Benefit Service Provider Portal
Wage Enhancement for Early Childhood Educators
Community Child Care Space Creation Program

Surrey Child Care Report 2018

This report highlights the important child care research that makes obvious the challenges that families face in seeking quality, affordable and accessible child care. It highlights the difficult child care reality facing many Surrey families today.
Read the full report.

Accord on Early Learning and Early Childhood Education

An Accord by the Association of Canadian Deans of Education
Policy makers and the public are becoming more aware of the importance of the early learning years in shaping the quality of children’s lives both in school and beyond. However, the quality and availability of early learning opportunities still vary considerably across Canada. The Accord seeks to address the uneven provision of quality early learning experiences by promoting improved, better connected education for preschool and elementary children.
Click here to view the Accord.

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