Safety First

Child Choke Test Tubes are now available for use in the Early Childhood Resource Library and Parent library. We have a copy of the test tubes that can be borrowed from each library to help families and care providers determine the choking hazard level of material offerings provided to children. The test tubes are specially designed to provide a rough guide line regarding choking size of materials. Directions are printed clearly on the tube so adults can follow along easily with this simple yet important safety test.

When using tools like this, it is important to remember that it is only a guide line. We are ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding our children’s developmental level at all stages of development. Some preschoolers will still be exploring the oral stage and could benefit from adults providing chunkier, more robust items and some toddlers can be trusted to use beads and smaller manipulatives. Every child is different and accidents happen. Knowing, understanding and preparing oneself and our learning environments is a method of proactive supervision. Safety first!

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