Fraser Health: 7 Tips for Talking to Kids about Covid-19

During this time, it is understandable for children to have questions or express concern about the COVID-19 virus. As parents, teachers or caregivers, it is important to stay informed and communicate in age-appropriate ways that address children’s questions and helps them take steps to keep themselves and others healthy.

Neufeld Institute: Parenting in a Pandemic Q & A Panel

The Parenting in a Pandemic Q & A Panel will be available via livestream, FREE to the public on a weekly basis on Thursdays, from 7-8 pm Pacific time. Join Gordon Neufeld, Deborah MacNamara and Tamara Strijack as they address your questions from an attachment-based developmental approach.

Kelty Mental Health: Talking to your child about COVID-19

It can be difficult to know how to talk to your child about COVID-19 – how much should you share with them? What if they ask a question you don’t know the answer to? Starting the conversation is a great first step, as it lets your child know you are someone they can talk to about this.

International Play Association: Play in Crisis

The world is coping with the unprecedented crisis of the corona virus pandemic. The pandemic itself and governments’ responses to it have had a significant impact on children around the world. There is a heightened need to support children’s right to play at this time, so the International Play Association (IPA) has developed the IPA Play in Crisis: Support for Parents and Carers resources.

Caring for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Health Information on the Internet 

The Internet can be a rich source of information on child and youth health. But it isn’t always clear whether the information is reliable.

Open School BC: Keep Learning

Suggestions for parents and caregivers to keep their children learning at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Canadian Paediatric Society: Parenting During COVID-19: A New Frontier

As parents before COVID-19, we were supporting our children’s learning, ensuring they were eating “the right” foods, getting enough sleep, not hurting themselves or others, and not having too much screen time.

Home Together: How to Use This Unique Opportunity to Strengthen Children’s Resilience

Few of us ever imagined a situation as pervasive and scary as the Coronavirus pandemic, but I have hope that we can turn this crisis into a unique opportunity for our children and for us to build the special kind of resilience that comes from facing adversity.

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