More Loose Parts

The Early Childhood Resource Library has grown its loose parts collection immensely over the last season to incorporate more materials that evoke curiosity. Textured natural and household items, textiles, wood, ceramic tiles and more are all available to subscribers; the loose parts collection is special because three containers of loose parts counts as one item toward our ten item borrowing limit. We do this to encourage mixing, matching and hope materials are used to plan thoughtful sensory play experiences for the children of Delta, Surrey and White Rock!

This beautiful book is also available, come and borrow it today!   

Beloglovsky and Daly (2015), Authors of Loose Parts – Inspiring Play in Young Children, share some insight on loose parts and why they can enhance learning experiences for children in your programs.

“Children have an amazing sense of wonder and curiosity. They are in a constant journey of discovery and exploration to understand how things work and function. From birth, children are experts at using their senses to learn about the world. Heightening each one of their senses strengthens the neuronal pathways and opens a window to make connections to previous knowledge and learning.” p 21.


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