Infant and Toddler Library Materials

We have a number of creative and appropriate infant and toddler library materials available in the library. Pairing items from our infant and toddler section with loose parts is a great way to extend and reinvent the way familiar toys are displayed and perceived. Here we have a popular bead puzzle and a wooden shape puzzle displayed on our new non-breakable mirror surfaces. Scarves are twisted through open spaces in the puzzle to encourage fine motor investigation as visual and tactile senses are engaged.
Loose Parts 2 – Inspiring Play with Infants and Toddlers, explains a little about why this type of play can be so valuable for our young ones.
“Infants and toddlers learn heuristically, that is, through investigating, discovering, or problem solving by experimental and trial-and-error methods. Therefore, it is important for teachers and caregivers to provide open-ended materials (loose parts) that allow infants and toddlers opportunity to explore their properties and functions.” Daly and Beloglovsky, 2016 p 6.

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