• September 21, 2019
    10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Playful Literacy

Children are natural explorers of their world, curious about how everything works. From a young age, children start to explore the literate world of sound, print, and communication, all on their own. How can adults support that natural curiosity?

In this workshop, participants will learn about different ways to support literacy by planning for playful experiences in the preschool space. Literacy happens everywhere, from the writing center to the block area to the snack table! This workshop helps you support that work with simple facilitation. We’ll look into the basics of literacy, and you’ll explore materials and ideas yourself!


Playful Math

In this workshop, participants will learn about the foundations and building blocks of math. Participants will learn about small group math games and activities, as well as creating independent activities for children to explore on their own.

Math isn’t just counting and recognizing numbers! This workshop is an opportunity for teachers to learn about what basic math really is – and how children have dozens of opportunities. Participants will create math games, find the potential in everyday objects and situations for math learning, and create plans around how to enhance their own unique programs. Get the resources and inspiration you need to find the joy in playing with numeracy!


Suitable for early learning and child care professionals

Presenter: Allie Pasquier
Allie is an early childhood educator, focused on the role of play in early childhood. She writes and teaches about play around the world. She is the founder and director of Play Lab, and lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA

Note – There is a 1 hour lunch break, please bring a bagged lunch.


#100-6846 King George Blvd, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, V3W 4Z9


Located directly behind the Denny’s Restaurant. Please do not park in spots reserved for our neighbours.

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