• February 27, 2021
    11:00 am - 1:00 pm
In recognition of the important work you have provided this past year during the Covid-19 pandemic, we invite you to a free online workshop with author and play advocate Denita Dinger!
Children communicate their needs in many ways. One such way is through their behavior. The problem is, society has erroneously categorized MANY behaviors children display as “BAD” or “NOT APPROPRIATE” when truly, there is no harm in them what-so-ever. When “misbehaviors” happen, adults tend to look at the child and wonder what is wrong with THEM, instead of looking at what YOU, the adult, MISSED: What needs did you miss? What did you miss when setting the environment? What did you miss when setting your expectations? How can you better meet the needs of this child? You will leave this presentation with the ability to see the core needs shining through children’s behaviors, inspired to look at those behaviors in a totally different way as well as filled with inexpensive, simple ideas to set the environment in a way that meets the unique needs of children.

Please note this workshop is for educators who live or work in Delta, Surrey or White Rock.


Presenter: Denita Dinger


– This is a free workshop, however registration is required. Please call our office at 604 572-8032 to register.
– This workshop will be held online through the Zoom platform.
– You will need access to a smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer with a camera and audio capabilities to join us.
– A link will be emailed to you in the days prior to the workshop. Please click the link ten minutes before the workshop begins to join in. Further instructions will be included in the email.
– For safety reasons we will be locking the meeting at 11:15 am, so please arrive early or on time to ensure you get in.


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