• September 16, 2019
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

If you’ve ever said no to a toddler or preschooler then you’ll understand when I say, they don’t like it. Saying no to a young child might as well be an invitation into a meltdown. They don’t like hearing no and they aren’t afraid to show it. As adults, we tend to be surprised and frustrated when a child doesn’t respond appropriately to a simple instruction like “no”. We often respond to their response with more “no’s” which can make the cycle of struggle last even longer. The challenge is that limits and boundaries are very important for young children; they need boundaries and they need us to be in control. Learning how to balance the importance of limits with their intense struggle with the word “no” is the key. “A Day Without No” will affirm adults in the value of setting boundaries while highlighting how the overuse of “no” can lead to challenges and difficulties in our interactions with young children. Time will be spent working through practical strategies to intentionally avoid the conflict and frustration of the power struggle while still setting clear expectations. Participants will be invited to role-play and practice the tools and tips given in the workshop. Can you go a whole day without saying no? I hope that after this workshop the answer is yes.

Suitable for early learning and child care professionals

Presenter: Alicia Kirlik

Alicia loves inviting adults to think about how their everyday interactions and decisions impact the children in their care. A mama to one and an educator to many, she also shares thoughts and invites conversation on Instagram at @unfoldlearninng


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