All keynote and workshop sessions are accessed through our conference portal:


1. Your email address
2. Your password or confirmation number (8-digit string of letters and/or numbers)

Once logged in, click on “My Agenda” to see all of your sessions. Start your keynote sessions by clicking the red “Stream” button; workshops will have a blue “Join Zoom Meeting” button.

Use the right hand side bar to post a public message in the Social Feed, and chat or video call with other online participants under Users. You can also message any participant from the Attendees list.

Call 604-572-8032 or email
For technical support, contact

Participants were sent an email with password and link to the portal on Wednesday, February 2nd. Please note, the conference portal can only be accessed by those registered for conference, and you will only be able to access the workshops and keynotes you are registered to attend.

Some tips for a successful conference…

  • Your confirmation number is the same as your password.┬áThis will be in the first line of your registration confirmation email.
  • Check your email! Make sure you have everything you need to log in. Haven’t received any emails from us? Contact us to verify your registration information – or 604-572-8032
  • Log in early to get familiar with the platform! Watch our welcome video in the Lobby, view your sessions in My Agenda, and check out other features of the portal by clicking the buttons along the top of the page.

Click below to watch a helpful video explaining features of the portal:

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