Child Care Provider Appreciation Evening

Jun 1, 2021

What a wonderful evening May 27th turned out to be! We held our annual Child Care Provider Appreciation Evening virtually on Zoom to over 100 early care and learning professionals.

A warm thank you to Elder Eugene Harry for the beautiful welcome and to Minister of State for Child Care, Katrina Chen, who joined us to share a few words and who is always championing for child care and early care and learning professionals! Thank you Minister Chen for your dedication to child care, not only as a member of parliament but as a parent as well. We loved the surprise visit from your son at the end!

Our special guest speaker for the evening was the amazing Monique Gray Smith. Monique, we cannot thank you enough for your love and kindness to all early care and learning professionals and for joining us on this special evening. We left the evening feeling empowered, enlightened, and so inspired! Our hearts fill with happiness when we listen to you!

Special thank you to the businesses and individuals who contributed to the goodie bags for all 100 attendees! We truly appreciate your support!
Laid Back Snacks
Real Canadian Superstore
Chelsea King Scrunchies
Minister Katrina Chen
Realtor and Magician, Rod Boss
Louise Kool and Galt
Habitat Systems Inc
Early Years Learning Store
West Village Cafe
Guildford Town Centre
Brown’s Social House
Michaud’s Salon Spa 
Glamourous Beauty Salon
Doria Salon Spa

A huge THANK YOU to all of you, who care, day in and day out, for our youngest citizens. The dedication, commitment and caring you’ve shown to children, families and the community in this past year, throughout the pandemic, has been vital to the well-being of all. Thank you for the important and essential work you provide!

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