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Facility NameTelephoneE-mailCityCross Streets Type ofLicense
100 Acre Wood778-438-2532 [email protected]Delta82 Avenue105 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
1st Step Montessori Inc604-417-3290 [email protected]Delta88 Avenue112 StreetMultiple License
1st Step Montessori Inc at Sunbury Hall604-417-3290 Delta104 Street84 AvenueMultiple License
1st. ABC's Child Care Centre604-581-0370 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue157 StreetMulti Age Care
3 Steps Ahead Kindergarten Readiness778-565-1218 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue126 StreetPreschool
5 Corners Daycare604-496-5050 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue136 StreetMultiple License
5 Stars Daycare778-895-9552 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue140 StreetMulti Age Care
5 Stars Daycare ( Infant Toddler)604-543-8972 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue144 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
5 Stars Daycare Centre #2604-597-9552 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue147 StreetMulti Age Care
A Bright Beginning Family Child Care604-575-2307 [email protected]Surrey56 Avenue185 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
A Place to Grow Child Care Centre604-585-5691 [email protected]Surrey96 Avenue137 StreetMultiple License
A Second Home604-594-4635 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue122 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
A to Z Child Care Center #2604-598-9251 [email protected]Surrey162 Street86 AvenueGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
A to Z Child Care Centre #3604-575-2442 [email protected]Surrey86B Avenue164 StreetMulti Age Care
A to Z Childcare Centre #1604-598-9273 [email protected]Surrey86 Avenue162 StreetMultiple License
A to Z Childcare Centre #4604-951-3208 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue154 StreetMultiple License
A+ Family Child Care[email protected]Surrey108 Avenue148 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Abi Daycare604-572-9730 [email protected]Surrey65 Avenue128A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Absorbent Minds Montessori604-372-4600 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue168 StreetMultiple License
Academics PreKinderten778-294-2646 [email protected]SurreyCroydon Drive153 StreetMultiple License
AHP Matthew Preschool604-502-6343 [email protected]Surrey97 Avenue133 StreetPreschool
Aird's Kidzone Learning Centre Ltd604-943-9179 [email protected]Delta12 Avenue50 StreetMultiple License
Alexandra Neighbourhood House Children's Centre at Crescent Beach604-535-0015 scha[email protected]Surrey29 AvenueMcBride AvenueMultiple License
Alexandra Neighbourhood House Children's Ctr604-592-2607 [email protected]Surrey32 Avenue168 StreetMultiple License
Alia's Childcare Centre778-879-3735 [email protected]Delta82 Avenue109B StreetMulti Age Care
Amazing Kids Daycare604-532-3781 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue192 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Amber's Daycare604-599-4270 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue135 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Amber's Family Child Care604-576-8865 [email protected]Surrey64 Avenue189A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Angel Home Daycare604-584-5955 [email protected]Surrey92A Avenue155 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Angel Montessori Children Center604-808-8566 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue169 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Angel's Nest Daycare778-233-4383 [email protected]Surrey79A Avenue132 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Angie's In Home Multi Age Child Care Centre778-565-4771 [email protected]Surrey64 Avenue129 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Animal Crackers Children's Centre #3604-594-6622 [email protected]Delta115 Street83 AvenueGroup Child Care
Animal Crackers Children's Centre #5604-594-6822 [email protected]Delta72 Avenue113 StreetMultiple License
Animal Crackers Children's Centre #7604-597-5677 [email protected]Delta80 Avenue115 StreetMultiple License
Animal Crackers Children's Centre #9604-597-0181 [email protected]Delta76 Avenue118 StreetMultiple License
Anisa's Family Child Care604-572-6426 [email protected]Surrey79 Avenue122 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Apple Family Child Care Centre604-438-9264 [email protected]Surrey99A Avenue157 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Apple Tree Child Care Centre778-877-7340 [email protected]Surrey54 Avenue124B StreetMulti Age Care
Aristo-Kids Children's Centre604-591-7222 ar[email protected]Delta116A Street78A AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Audrey's Place Family Day Care604-597-8718 [email protected]Surrey84A Avenue146 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Aunty May604-498-3860 [email protected]Surrey164 StreetGlennwood CrescentLicensed Family Child Care
Aurostar Montessori Children Centre604-998-7821 [email protected]Surrey16 Avenue142 StreetMulti Age Care
Awahsuk Aboriginal Head Start604-584-5527 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue145 StreetPreschool
Baby's Day Out Family Child Care778-855-5167 [email protected]Surrey147 Street77 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Banyan Childcare604-813-7288 [email protected]Delta113 Street89 AvenueMulti Age Care
Bao Bei Montessori Children Centre604-288-8765 [email protected]Surrey87 Avenue162 StreetMulti Age Care
Bean Sprouts Child Care Centre604-304-4414 [email protected]Delta92 Avenue112 StreetMulti Age Care
Bear Creek Cubs Childcare604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey83 Avenue140 StreetMultiple License
Bear Creek Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue137 StreetPreschool
Bear's Cosy Cottage604-538-5687 [email protected]Surrey25 Avenue124 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Bear's Playhouse778-218-0976 [email protected]Delta85 Avenue118 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Believe 'N U Child Care Centre Inc604-725-3553 [email protected]Delta83 Avenue114 StreetMulti Age Care
Benjamin Bloom Learning Centre778-888-6936 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue144 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Besma Family Child Care778-394-3659 [email protected]Surrey108A Avenue147 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Betty Huff Preschool604-502-6343 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue130 StreetPreschool
Big Dreams Child Care604-825-7399 [email protected]Surrey182 Street64 AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Bitsy Hoppers Child Care604-442-9006 [email protected]Surrey194 Street66 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Bloomfield Learning Center778-591-9007 [email protected]Surrey66A Avenue151 StreetMulti Age Care
Blooming Blossoms Child Care604-518-6759 [email protected]Surrey85 Avenue134 StreetMulti Age Care
Blooming Buds Childcare centre778-240-7350 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue150 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Blooming Buds Preschool778-242-7350 [email protected]Surrey76 Avenue124 StreetPreschool
Bolivar Heights Early Learning Centre604-951-4700 [email protected]Surrey110 Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Bonny Castle Children's Centre # 3604-339-7052 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Bonny Castle Out of School604-339-7052 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue146 StreetOut-of-School Care
Bonnycastle Montessori Preschool Daycare Inc604-930-8889 [email protected]Surrey107A Avenue146 StreetGroup Child Care
Boundary Bay Montessori House604-946-9814 [email protected]Delta38 Street72 AvenueMultiple License
Boundary Park Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue123 StreetPreschool
Branches Preschool778-388-9647 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue165 StreetMultiple License
Bridges Child Care & Learning Centre- Rosewood778-384-9353 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue189 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Bridges Childcare & Learning Center- Applewood778-384-9353 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue191 StreetMulti Age Care
Bright Angels Children Centre604-599-1943 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Bright Beginnings Childcare Center778-385-6241 [email protected]Surrey93 Avenue132A StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Bright Beginnings Licensed Daycare604-910-3928 ela[email protected]Surrey67 Ave.185 A st.Licensed Family Child Care
Bright Eyes Academy Inc at Brooke604-583-8950 [email protected]Delta87 Avenue110 StreetMultiple License
Bright Eyes Academy Inc at Holly604-940-5999 [email protected]Delta46 Avenue62 StreetMultiple License
Bright Eyes Academy Inc at MP604-940-5999 [email protected]Delta46 Avenue51 StreetMultiple License
Bright Future Family Child Care604-598-2976 [email protected]Delta88 Avenue116B StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Bright Path Clayton Hills778-571-4734 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue192 StreetMultiple License
Bright Rainbow Child Care604-593-6772 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue134B StreetMulti Age Care
Bright Star Montessori School Inc.604-790-3503 [email protected]Surrey104 AvenueWhalley BlvdGroup Child Care
Bright Stars Child Care604-710-9437 [email protected]Surrey163 Street82 AvenueMulti Age Care
Bright Stars Day Care604-591-6261 [email protected]Surrey77 Avenue124 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Brighter Minds Childcare Centre Ltd.604-726-0404 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue142 StreetGroup Child Care
Brilliant Butterflies Children's Learning Centre #2604-802-9702 [email protected]Delta45 Avenue54A StreetMultiple License
Brilliant Butterflies Children's Learning Centre Inc.778-881-4370 [email protected]Delta86 Avenue116A StreetMultiple License
Brilliant Butterflies CLC #3778-881-4370 [email protected]Surrey133 Street81 AvenueMultiple License
Buena Vista Montessori Preschool604-535-0147 [email protected]White RockBuena Vista Avenue156 StreetPreschool
Bug "A" Boo Family Daycare778-574-5276 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue180 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
BUNGALOW BUDDIES MULTI-AGE DAYCARE604-575-4885 [email protected]Surrey57th Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Bunny Hutch Daycare604-584-3330 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue144A StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Busy B's Daycare778-834-7437 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue196 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Busy Bees Family Child Care778-708-9252 [email protected]Delta110 Street86A AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Busy Fingers Family Child Care604-589-1316 [email protected]SurreyGrove Crescent125 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Cambridge Learning Centre Inc604-729-0543 [email protected]Surrey61A Avenue172 StreetMultiple License
Cambridge Learning Centre Inc604-729-0543 [email protected]Surrey85 Avenue148 StreetMultiple License
Cambridge Preschool Before & After School Care @ MJ Norris604-729-0543 [email protected]Surrey66A Avenue129 StreetMultiple License
CamRose Early Learning778-571-8801 [email protected]Surrey176 Street57 AvenueMultiple License
Cannon Family Childcare778-898-6325 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue177 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Castle Day Care604-581-9160 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue144 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Caterpillar Fun House # 4778-855-3411 [email protected]Delta91 Avenue116 StreetGroup Child Care
Caterpillar Fun House #1778-855-3411 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue120 StreetMultiple License
Caterpillar Fun House #2778-855-3411 [email protected]Surrey169 Street83A AvenueMulti Age Care
Caterpillar Fun House #5778-855-3411 [email protected]Surrey82 Avenue146 StreetMultiple License
Caterpillar Fun House Ltd #3778-855-3411 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue121 StreetOut-of-School Care
Cedar Grove Childcare Centre604-584-2311 233[email protected]Surrey103 Avenue144 StreetMultiple License
Cedar Hills Preschool604-581-0407 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue123 StreetPreschool
CEFA - Junior Kindergarten (Surrey Guildford)604-589-2332 [email protected]Surrey101 Avenue152 A StreetMultiple License
CEFA Fleetwood604-593-2650 209[email protected]SurreyFraser Highway160 StreetMultiple License
Central City Junior Kindergarten604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey143 Street104 AvenueGroup Child Care
Cheeky Monkey Childcare604-551-5311 [email protected]Surrey27A Avenue127 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Cherry Lane Preschool604-599-8171 Surrey66A Avenue151 StreetPreschool
Chewy Bears Family Childcare604-588-3932 [email protected]Surrey106 Avenue141 streetLicensed Family Child Care
Child's View Children's Centre778-988-1228 [email protected]Surrey15 Avenue128 StreetOut-of-School Care
Children's Choice Day Care Ltd778-877-1718 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue120 StreetGroup Child Care
Children's Corner Child Care604-598-2910 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue142 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Chuck Bailey School604-502-6343 [email protected]Surrey107A Avenue134 StreetPreschool
Clayton Hall Before and After School Care604-502-6402 [email protected]Surrey185 Street70 AvenueOut-of-School Care
Clover Early Learning Centre604-575-5554 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue167 StreetMulti Age Care
Cloverdale Ball Park Children's Centre604-502-6402 [email protected]Surrey61A Avenue173 StreetOut-of-School Care
Cloverdale Christian Early Learning604-576-6313 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue179 StreetMultiple License
Cloverdale Discovery Centre604-575-4727 Surrey58 Avenue176 StreetMultiple License
Cloverdale Mini Rec Centre Preschool604-598-7960 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue176A StreetPreschool
Cloverdale Montessori School604-575-8737 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue183 StreetMulti Age Care
Cloverdale Recreation Centre Preschool604-598-7960 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue176 StreetPreschool
Cloverleaf Montessori604-574-9899 [email protected]Surrey57A Avenue166 StreetMultiple License
Corina's Family Child Care604-590-8507 [email protected]Surrey75A Avenue147 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Cornerstone Montessori Preschool #11604-590-0672 Surrey83 Avenue140 StreetPreschool
Cougar Creek Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey70A Avenue122 StreetPreschool
Country Bears Child Care604-575-8383 [email protected]Surrey57A Avenue166 StreetMultiple License
Cozy Corner Child Care Centre604-817-8417 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue164 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Creation Station Day Care604-940-8077 [email protected]DeltaLadner Trunk Rd55 StreetMultiple License
Creative All Stars Childcare604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey96 Avenue134 StreetMultiple License
Creative Beginnings #2778-565-1291 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Creative Clubhouse Childcare778-938-4889 [email protected]Surrey100 Avenue126 StreetOut-of-School Care
Creative Explorer's Daycare778-881-5437 [email protected]Surrey78 Avenue135 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centers - Sullivan604-560-5002 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue152 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centers Hazelmere604-385-1855 [email protected]Surrey3rd Avenue175A StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centre - Morgan Crossing604-560-5002 [email protected]Surrey158 Street24 AvenueMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centre Rosemary Heights604-560-5202 [email protected]Surrey34 Avenue153 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centre-Bayridge604-313-7330 [email protected]Surrey17 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centre-Newton604-503-5111 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue132 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centres - Colebrook West604-594-8880 [email protected]Surrey54 Avenue125A StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centres Newton604-503-5111 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue132 StreetMultiple License
Creative Kids Learning Centres- Colebrook East604-831-8953 [email protected]Surrey54 Avenue125A StreetOut-of-School Care
Creative Moments Child Care Centre604-417-1135 [email protected]Surrey69 Avenue128 StreetMultiple License
Creative Steps Multi-Age Daycare604-593-2711 [email protected]Surrey142 Street61A AvenueMulti Age Care
Creative Wonders Family Day Care604-575-7281 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue152 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Creative Zone Childcare Inc604-318-9109 Surrey102 Avenue128 StreetOut-of-School Care
Creek Angels Daycare Inc.778-565-7424 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue140 StreetMulti Age Care
Crescent Beach Tiny Y604-535-1313 [email protected]Surrey27 Avenue127 StreetGroup Child Care
Cubbies and Crayons daycare778-246-1003 [email protected]Surrey123 Street63 A AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Cubby Cottage604-583-2902 [email protected]Surrey89 Avenue156 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Cute Buddies Home Daycare778-889-4546 [email protected]Surrey146 Street72A AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Cuties Child Care Centre604-593-1666 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue141B StreetMulti Age Care
Daisy Child Day Care778-574-8410 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue168 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Daryl-Anne's Family Daycare604-589-4992 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue125A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
David Brankin Preschool604-502-6343 [email protected]Surrey91 Avenue128 StreetPreschool
Delta Christian Family Child Care604-418-0662 [email protected]Delta87 Avenue111 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Delta Daycare778-558-8680 [email protected]Delta76 Avenue116A StreetMulti Age Care
Delta Fun Time Out Of School Care604-584-5452 [email protected]Delta93 Avenue116 StreetOut-of-School Care
Delta Montessori Preschool604-583-7488 [email protected]Delta93 Avenue119A StreetPreschool
Discovery Time Day Care Centre604-541-1020 [email protected]White RockPacific Avenue152 StreetMultiple License
Dolly's Child Care604-951-1432 [email protected]Surrey105A Avenue146 StreetMulti Age Care
Don Christian Recreation Centre604-598-7967 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue184 StreetMultiple License
Dream Catchers Family Child Care604-360-7212 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue193A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Eaglecrest Preschool604-372-1777 [email protected]Surrey60Avenue188StreetPreschool
Early Days Childcare Centre778-896-7713 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue148 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Eden Hills778-241-3032 [email protected]Delta112 Street70 AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Edenridge Daycare Centre604-588-5722 [email protected]Surrey99 Avenue132 StreetMultiple License
Edith's Family Child Care604-594-3693 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue127 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Elaine's Family Daycare604-596-8552 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue120 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Elgin Centre604-502-6421 Surrey35 Avenue144 StreetMultiple License
Evan's Family Child Care604-946-8947 [email protected]Delta45 Avenue55B StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Evergreen Child Care Centre604-531-8045 [email protected]White Rock11 AvenueCentre StreetMultiple License
Evershine Preschool & Daycare604-543-8686 evershine_jati[email protected]Surrey69 Avenue127 A StreetGroup Child Care
EYSK Child Care Centre778-994-8628 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue131A StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Fe Fi Fo Fun Family Child Care604-219-8542 [email protected]Delta84 Avenue118 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
FELA PLAY & LEARN CHILDCARE INC222604-599-5853 [email protected]Surrey64A Avenue135 StreetMulti Age Care
First Choice Montessori #2604-828-4451 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue144 StreetMultiple License
First Choice Montessori Pre-school604-828-4451 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue152 StreetMultiple License
First Steps Daycare604-588-3756 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue156 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
First Steps Daycare Centre #2604-590-8455 [email protected]Surey74 Avenue135 StreetMultiple License
First Steps Preschool604-943-8244 [email protected]Delta19 Avenue56 StreetPreschool
Fleetwood Community Centre Pre K604-501-5025 [email protected]Surrey84 Avenue159 StreetPreschool
Fleetwood Gardens Childcare Centre778-881-1064 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue158 StreetMulti Age Care
Fleetwood Place Children's Centre604-598-5437 [email protected]Surrey83 Avenue160 StreetMultiple License
Fleur de Lis Family Childcare604-575-4972 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue166 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Forever Young Day Care778-986-6242 [email protected]Delta64 Avenue108 A StreetOut-of-School Care
Fraser Glen Preschool604-583-4229 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue162 StreetPreschool
Fraser Heights Childcare Centre604-339-8826 [email protected]Surrey161 Street109 AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Fraser Heights Montessori Children's Centre604-588-3455 Surrey104 Avenue168 StreetGroup Child Care
Fraser Heights Out of School Care #2 / Smarties604-582-1335 Surrey106A Avenue156 StreetMultiple License
Fraser Heights Out of School Care #3/Smarties Preschool #2604-582-1335 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue170 StreetMultiple License
Fraser Heights Out of School Care /Tiny Tots Day School Program604-582-1335 [email protected]Surrey106 Avenue157 StreetMultiple License
Fraser Heights Recreation Centre604-592-6922 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue160 StreetMultiple License
Fraser Heights SMARTIES Group Daycare604-582-1335 [email protected]Surrey106 Avenue157 StreetGroup Child Care
Fraser Kids Learning Centre604-582-9834 [email protected]Surrey110 Avenue158A SreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Fumiko Family Day Care604-591-9085 [email protected]Delta83 Avenue111 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Fun and Learn Day Care Centre778-990-1871 [email protected]Surrey78 Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Fun Learning Children's Center604-588-2382 [email protected]Surrey108A Avenue162B StreetOut-of-School Care
Fun Ville Daycare604-575-9565 [email protected]Surrey193 Street73A AveMulti Age Care
Fun Zone Childcare604-591-3012 [email protected]Surrey83 Avenue133 StreetMulti Age Care
Future Scholars Childcare604-374-1799 Surrey67 Avenue145A StreetMulti Age Care
G.A.D. Preschool604-595-0999 Surrey74 Avenue135 StreetPreschool
GCA Montessori604-496-5115 [email protected]Surrey144 Street108 AvenueMultiple License
Giggleberry Patch Daycare778-574-7877 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue187 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Global Montessori Preschool & Before After School604-562-5588 [email protected]Delta4th AvenueEnglish Bluff RoadMultiple License
GOKIDZ Children's Centre604-910-7968 [email protected]Surrey22 AvenueKing George BlvdOut-of-School Care
Golden Cradle Family Child Care604-596-5598 [email protected]Delta62 AvenueSunwood DriveLicensed Family Child Care
Goldstone Learning Centres604-729-0543 [email protected]Surrey56 Avenue144A StreetMulti Age Care
Good Day Sunshine604-760-4744 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue144 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Good Times Daycare604-833-4487 [email protected]Delta77 Avenue112 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Green Leaf Daycare604-582-6225 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue156 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Greenfield Child Care Center604-572-5120 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Grizzly Bears / Panda's Treehouse778-836-6335 Surrey60 Avenue149 StreetMultiple License
Grow & Learn Preschool & SAC604-507-5472 Surrey125 Street60 AvenueMultiple License
Grow and Learn Preschool and Childcare Center Ltd604-445-3276 [email protected]Surrey91 Avenue138 StreetMultiple License
Growing Kids Childcare Center778-318-8142 [email protected]Surrey150 Street60 AvenueMulti Age Care
Growing Together Daycare604-584-1181 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue146 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Guildford Child Care Centre604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue148 StreetMultiple License
Guildford Gardens Daycare Inc604-825-5512 [email protected]Surrey107A Avenue149 StreetMultiple License
Guildford Recreation Centre Preschool604-502-6243 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue152 StreetPreschool
Guru Nanak Child Care Centre604-592-0077 [email protected]Surrey79 Avenue128 StreetMultiple License
Hanna's Family Child Care604-592-9261 [email protected]Surrey82 Avenue156 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Happiness Starts Here Childcare Centre604-576-5706 [email protected]Surrey66 Avenue187 StreetGroup Child Care
Happy Care Child Care604-725-7071 [email protected]Surrey63A Avenue137 StreetOut-of-School Care
Happy Castle Child Care778-588-0613 [email protected]DeltaMassey Drive44 AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Happy Child Care604-588-3158 [email protected]Surrey104 A Avenue167 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Happy Daycare604-290-8587 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue141A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Happy Farm Children's Centre778-888-3276 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue134 StreetGroup Child Care
Happy Home Family Daycare604-538-1795 [email protected]Surrey27 A Avenue161 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Happy Minds Daycare604-598-2932 [email protected]Surrey150 StreetSpencer DriveIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Happy Time Child Care604-589-5055 [email protected]Surrey100 Avenue139 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Happy World Family Day Care778-395-0522 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue132 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Harvard Montessori Inc604-999-8162 [email protected]Delta75 Avenue113 StreetMultiple License
Hazelgrove Day Care604-789-7918 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue189 StreetMulti Age Care
Hazelmere Acres Preschool & Day Care604-536-6367 [email protected]Surrey2 Avenue192 StreetGroup Child Care
Head Starts Child Care Center604-446-3660 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue150 StreetMulti Age Care
Heartland Daycare604-575-7297 [email protected]Surrey68 A Avenue192 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Helping Hands Children's Centre604-582-9700 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue160 StreetMultiple License
Hilltop Christian Child Care604-594-0910 [email protected]Delta67 Avenue120 StreetMultiple License
Honey Bear Childcare Ltd.604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Honey Bee Childcare Centre778-578-4898 [email protected]Delta71 AvenueBrewster Drive EastMulti Age Care
Honey Tree Daycare604-599-0832 [email protected]Surrey84 Avenue148A StreetMultiple License
Hop To It Childcare604-788-8876 [email protected]Delta95 Avenue118 StreetMulti Age Care
Hub Daycare & Preschool at Oak Avenue604-582-7088 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue127 StreetMultiple License
Hugga Bunch Family Learning Centre604-596-8448 [email protected]Delta76 Avenue117 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Hummingbird Child Care604-583-0786 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue165 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
I Love Montessori778-232-2843 [email protected]Surrey192 Street61A AvenueMulti Age Care
Inaya's Childcare778-325-1196 [email protected]Surrey126 Street72 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Individual Footsteps II604-576-4902 [email protected]Surrey64 Avenue182 StreetMulti Age Care
Jan's Play Place Daycare604-507-6570 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue140 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Jellybeans Childcare Centre604-531-4182 [email protected]White RockGoggs Avenue155 StreetMulti Age Care
Jennifer's Family Childcare604-788-6918 [email protected]White Rock9 Avenue158 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Jessie's Family Child Care604-583-1085 [email protected]Surrey90 Avenue145A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Jillybeans Childcare604-948-1134 [email protected]DeltaKadota DriveBayview DriveLicensed Family Child Care
Jolly Angels Child Care778-892-4438 [email protected]Surrey148 StSpenser DriveLicense-Not-Required
JR Daycare604-596-4148 [email protected]Delta69 Avenue117 StreetOut-of-School Care
Jubilee Montessori House778-394-6540 [email protected]Surrey88A Avenue149 StreetGroup Child Care
Julie's Family Child Care604-353-5944 [email protected]Surrey192 Street73 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Junior Einstein's Academy604-719-1171 [email protected]Surrey139 Street108 AvenueGroup Child Care
Junior Scholars Educational Childcare Ltd604-503-0408 [email protected]Surrey57 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Just for Kids Children's Centre604-512-9020 [email protected]Surrey90 Avenue158 StreetOut-of-School Care
Just Kidz Family Childcare604-535-3387 [email protected]Surrey19 Avenue155 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Kensington Prarie Community Centre604-592-2605 [email protected]Surrey32 Avenue168 StreetMultiple License
Keri Anne's Kids Child Care604-599-0334 [email protected]Delta80 Avenue111B StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Khalsa Child Care Centre604-597-6501 [email protected]Surrey69 Avenue124 StreetMultiple License
Khalsa Child Care Centre604-417-9491 [email protected]Surrey106 Avenue124StreetMultiple License
Khalsa Preschool and Daycare - 1604-594-0553 Surrey69 Avenue124 StreetMultiple License
Kid Zone Child Care Centre #2 Ltd604-580-6151 Surrey94 Avenue120 StreetGroup Child Care
Kid's Castle Children's Centre604-580-0411 Surrey92 Avenue156 StreetMulti Age Care
Kid's Corner Daycare604-518-6450 [email protected]Delta88 Avenue118 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Kid's Play Day Care Centre604-930-4800 SurreyOld Yale Road128 StreetMultiple License
Kid's Wonderland Child Care604-591-2249 [email protected]Surrey67 Avenue148 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Kid's World Daycare604-597-2925 [email protected]DeltaParkwood115 StreetMulti Age Care
Kids & Company King George778-293-1772 [email protected]Surrey99 avenueKing George BoulevardMultiple License
Kids & Company Surrey Professional Centre778-293-1004 [email protected]Surrey137 Street96 AvenueMultiple License
Kids - Inn #1604-591-9020 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue140 StreetMultiple License
Kids at Home Daycare778-574-2810 [email protected]Surrey67 Avenue191A StreetLicense-Not-Required
KIds Castle Children's Center604-583-3957 [email protected]Surrey158 Street91 AvenueGroup Child Care
Kids First Montessori Preschool778-895-0007 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue153 StreetMultiple License
Kids In Paradise604-948-5437 [email protected]Delta18 Avenue56 StreetMultiple License
Kids Kove604-501-0132 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue146 StreetMulti Age Care
Kids Learning Castle ChildCare Inc604-592-1005 [email protected]Surrey76 Avenue124 StreetMultiple License
Kids World Family Child Care604-575-2966 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue175A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Kids World School Age Care604-999-8977 Surrey24 Avenue150 StreetOut-of-School Care
Kids Zone Child Care Centre #2 Ltd604-499-3210 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue120 StreetGroup Child Care
Kids Zone Child Care Centre Ltd778-239-2075 [email protected]Surrey100 Avenue124 StreetMultiple License
Kidz Learn 'N' Play Daycare Inc604-551-8231 [email protected]Surrey176 Street56A AvenueMulti Age Care
KidZrock @ Latimer Road778-688-9242 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue192 StreetOut-of-School Care
KidZrock Childcare604-372-3822 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue167 StreetMultiple License
Kidzville Learning Centers604-861-7861 [email protected]Surrey138 Street68 AvenueMultiple License
Kidzville Learning Centers #2604-861-7861 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue129 StreetMultiple License
Kim's Daycare604-999-9720 [email protected]Delta70 Avenue111 StreetOut-of-School Care
King and Queen Family Child Care778-394-1291 [email protected]Surrey109 Avenue130 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Kinvig Out of School Care778-386-3501 [email protected]Surrey132 Street70B AvenueOut-of-School Care
Kiwi Childcare Centre778-828-5494 [email protected]Surrey86 Avenue162 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Kool Kids Child Care604-583-5333 [email protected]Surrey93 Avenue154 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Kumar Kids604-319-3444 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue129 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
L.E.A.P Child Care778-288-0908 [email protected]Surrey112 Avenue157 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
La Paz Early Learning Center778-545-1342 [email protected]Surrey34 Avenue147A StreetGroup Child Care
Ladner Animal Crackers604-940-0327 [email protected]DeltaCentral Avenue51 StreetMultiple License
Ladybird Group Day Care778-318-3422 [email protected]Delta64 Avenue109 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Ladybug Family Daycare604-951-9747 mikeandtracy [email protected]Surrey114A Avenue144 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Laronde Montessori Children's House604-585-0363 [email protected]Surrey18 Avenue129 StreetMultiple License
Lasko Family Day Care604-946-7706 [email protected]Delta44B Avenue45 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Latimer Road SAECE604-576-0221 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue192 StreetPreschool
Leap Frog Daycare604-572-8450 [email protected]Surrey69 Avenue129 StreetMulti Age Care
Leaps & Bounds Childcare778-394-0410 [email protected]Surrey112A Avenue138 StreetMulti Age Care
Leaps and Bounds Family Daycare604-209-9054 [email protected]Surrey20 Avenue156 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Learning Ladder Family Child Care604-594-0596 [email protected]Delta84 A Avenue116 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Learning Minds Child Care Centre778-240-5732 [email protected]Surrey18A Avenue158 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Learning Treehouse Daycare778-839-4850 [email protected]Delta104 Street80 AvenueMulti Age Care
Learning Zone Childcare778-927-5437 [email protected]Surrey88 avenue156 streetMultiple License
Lee's Li'l Rascals Family Day Care778-885-3671 [email protected]Delta77 Avenue114A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Leeah's Family Child Care604-833-8286 [email protected]Surrey63 Ave172A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Les Papillons604-597-1590 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue132 StreetOut-of-School Care
Level Up Childcare Learning Center778-233-4903 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue139 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Li'L Munchkin Preschool604-594-3379 [email protected]Surrey85A Avenue144 StreetPreschool
Lil Boundary Parkers604-722-1430 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue122 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Lil Saints Preschool at Sacred Heart604-946-4525 lil'[email protected]Delta39 AvenueArthur DrivePreschool
Lisa's Daycare604-532-5816 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue193 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Little Angels Child care604-357-3182 [email protected]Surrey16 AvenueKing George BlvdMulti Age Care
Little Artists Child Care604-353-7048 [email protected]SurreyGrosvenor Rd138 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Beavers604-583-4356 [email protected]Surrey101A Avenue146 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Little Birds Daycare778-394-3210 [email protected]Surrey147 Street108 AvenueGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Little Bright Minds Preschool778-387-0061 [email protected]Delta90 Avenue114 StreetPreschool
Little Bunnies Family Day Care604-946-1423 [email protected]Delta49 Avenue57A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Little Champions Child Care #2604-218-5563 [email protected]Surrey71 Avenue148 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Cherubs Daycare and Learning Centre Ltd604-560-2131 [email protected]Surrey34 Avenue150 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Creatures Family Daycare604-315-1683 Surrey181 Street58A AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Little Critters Child Care Centre604-593-3387 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue141A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Little Cupids Daycare778-709-1019 [email protected]Surrey120A Street77 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Little Dumplins Family Child Care604-951-3452 [email protected]Surrey92A Avenue160 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Little Eden Family Child Care778-879-9190 [email protected]Surrey152 Street62 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Little Einstein778-865-7501 [email protected]Surrey123 Street82 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Little Explorers Childcare604-868-0546 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue183A StreetMulti Age Care
Little Footprints Daycare (72nd)604-596-5647 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue122 StreetMultiple License
Little Footprints Daycare (85th)604-328-2091 Surrey85 Avenue120 StreetMultiple License
Little Footprints School Age Care604-328-2091 [email protected]Delta88 Avenue116 StreetOut-of-School Care
Little Friends Learning Centre #1604-582-7706 Surrey108 Avenue157 StreetGroup Child Care
Little Friends Learning Centre #2604-581-8111 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue157 StreetMultiple License
Little Friends Preschool604-943-7877 [email protected]Delta12 Avenue50 StreetPreschool
Little Go Getters Daycare604-603-6106 [email protected]Surrey103 Avenue129 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Harvard Learning Centre Ltd778-893-5437 [email protected]Surrey69 Avenue142 StreetMultiple License
Little Hearts Daycare604-339-9601 [email protected]Surrey140 Street86A AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little House Child Care604-543-0540 [email protected]Delta118 Street90 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Little Kids Kingdom778-565-3117 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue150 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Little Koala Montessori Surrey604-951-4008 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue149 StreetMultiple License
Little Learner's Child Care Centre604-576-5638 [email protected]Surrey85 Avenue167 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Learning Steps Family Child Care604-574-1665 [email protected]Surrey63 AvenueSorrel PlaceLicensed Family Child Care
Little Lights Child Care604-583-4981 [email protected]Surrey139 Street107 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Little Munchkins Place604-589-9250 [email protected]Surrey109 Avenue138 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Little Newton Day Care Centre604-572-5758 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue134 StreetGroup Child Care
Little Panda Children Place604-596-5708 [email protected]Surrey81 Avenue164 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little People Daycare778-565-1135 [email protected]Surrey85 Avenue162 StreetMultiple License
Little Prince & Princess Family Daycare604-507-6890 [email protected]Delta73 Avenue119 StreetMulti Age Care
Little Pumpkins Daycare604-574-5428 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue167B StreetLicense-Not-Required
Little Smiles Daycare604-722-6364 [email protected]Surrey83 Avenue144 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little Star Family Daycare604-574-3307 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue180 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Little Star Montessori Daycare Centre604-729-9365 [email protected]Surrey96 Avenue150A StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little Stars Daycare Centre Sullivan Station604-592-2526 Surrey61 Avenue150B StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little Timbers Daycare604-588-9701 [email protected]Surrey90 Avenue147 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Little Valley Learning Centre and Daycare778-395-0123 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue147 StreetGroup Child Care
Little World Playcare604-599-8193 Surrey70 Avenue141 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
LittleThinkers Daycare778-565-2105 [email protected]Surrey150 Street62 AvenueMulti Age Care
Lookout Preschool604-594-0488 [email protected]Delta84 Avenue114 StreetPreschool
Lorraine's Family Child Care604-599-9229 [email protected]Delta88 Avenue115 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Love for Kids Childcare Centre604-518-6565 [email protected]Surrey79 Avenue161 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Lu Lu's Child Care Centre604-630-8653 [email protected]Surrey98 Avenue158 StreetMulti Age Care
Luca's Daycare604-592-2117 [email protected]Surrey121 Street80 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Lucky Clover Daycare Centre604-372-3768 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue175 StreetMultiple License
Lynne's Daycare604-946-6599 [email protected]Delta43 Avenue48 A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Magic School Bus604-340-8470 [email protected]Delta117 Street64B AvenueOut-of-School Care
Magical Nook Child Care Centre604-306-2296 [email protected]Delta46A Stret43 AvenueMultiple License
Maison Montessori Child Care604-531-2124 [email protected]SurreyAmblewood Drive134 StreetGroup Child Care
Mann Park Montessori604-355-4654 [email protected]White Rock145 StreetNorth Bluff RoadPreschool
Maple Childcare Center604-435-8002 [email protected]Surrey150 Street97 AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Martha Currie Out of School Care604-502-6408 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue184 StreetOut-of-School Care
Maxxine Wright Early Care and Learning Centre604-584-4896 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue137 StreetMultiple License
Merita Learning Center604-576-2774 [email protected]Surrey168 Street81 AvenueMulti Age Care
Michelle's Family Child Care604-514-8416 [email protected]Surrey65A Avenue194 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Mini Miracles604-999-6605 [email protected]Surrey150 Street99A AvenueMulti Age Care
Mini Miracles Daycare604-498-2950 [email protected]Surrey140 Street102 AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Momma Bears Daycare604-365-7774 [email protected]Surrey67 Avenue145A StreetMulti Age Care
Mommy Daycare778-836-6335 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue150 StreetMulti Age Care
Monkey Doodle Daycare778-908-4567 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue185A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Monkey Tree Daycare604-789-7710 [email protected]Delta113 Street74 AvenueMulti Age Care
Monkey Ville Childcare604-723-9590 [email protected]Surrey83 Avenue150A StreetMulti Age Care
Monkey Ville Childcare #2604-723-9590 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue183StreetMulti Age Care
Moonlight Daycare604-372-0678 [email protected]Surrey71A Avenue178 StreetMulti Age Care
Morgan Creek Montessori Ltd604-535-3596 [email protected]Surrey34 AvenueRosemary Heights CrescentPreschool
Morgan Point Children's Centre604-542-8667 [email protected]Surrey33 Avenue156 StreetMultiple License
Mother Hen's Family Day Care604-788-2880 [email protected]Delta48A Avenue58 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Mountain View Child Education Centre604-541-5402 [email protected]White RockMalabar Avenue137 StreetGroup Child Care
Multi Colours Daycare778-992-2744 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue188 StreetMulti Age Care
Munchkins at Play Home Daycare604-582-1465 [email protected]SurreyGlenwood Crescent North165 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
My Daycare604-780-7200 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue129 StreetMulti Age Care
N.E. 1 4 Fun Child Care604-581-2880 [email protected]Surrey96 Avenue164 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Nature's Playground Daycare778-571-0332 [email protected]Surrey61B Avenue174 StreetMulti Age Care
Nazrin's Daycare604-872-4515 [email protected]Delta111B Street80 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Neverland Children's Center604-940-4131 [email protected]Delta39 AvenueArthur DriveMultiple License
New Life Child Care Centre604-590-6131 [email protected]Surrey88A Avenue128 StreetMultiple License
New Path Child Care Center778-885-2495 [email protected]Surrey96 Avenue149 B StreetLicense-Not-Required
New Steps Childcare Centre604-720-3019 [email protected]Surrey75 Avenue127A StreetMulti Age Care
Newton Athletic Pavillon Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey74 Avenue128 StreetMultiple License
Newton Recreation Centre Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey71 Avenue136B StreetPreschool
Next Generation Childcare Centre604-617-9953 [email protected]Surrey90 Avenue156 StreetMulti Age Care
Noisy Monkeys French Immersion DayCare604-593-7401 [email protected]Surrey149 Street60 AvenueMulti Age Care
North Delta Daycare604-596-5747 [email protected]DeltaNicholson Road72 AvenueMulti Age Care
North Fleetwood Montessori School Ltd.604-529-5063 [email protected]Surrey84 Avenue160 StreetGroup Child Care
Ocean Cliff Treehouse Child Care604-535-4929 [email protected]Surrey20 Avenue125 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Octopus Academy Surrey604-496-2818 SurreyMultiple License
Olio778-235-2509 [email protected]Surrey90 Avenue161 StreetMulti Age Care
Olive Tree Daycare604-836-4780 [email protected]Surrey65 Avenue193 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
One Two Buckle My Shoe778-575-5846 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue167B StreetMulti Age Care
One World Childcare Centre778-855-2445 [email protected]Delta76 Avenue120 StreetMultiple License
Our Lady of Good Counsel Child Care604-581-3225 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue139 StreetMultiple License
Over The Moon604-957-3678 [email protected]Delta84 Avenue106 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Pacific Academy Early Childhood Education604-581-0132 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue168 StreetPreschool
Pacific Heights Montessori604-584-7941 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue164 StreetGroup Child Care
Pacific Wynd Montessori604-541-2882 [email protected]Surrey16 Avenue127 StreetPreschool
Panorama Montessori Childcare604-290-3072 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue146 StreetMulti Age Care
Parkside Daycare604-951-7767 [email protected]Surrey110 AvenueRavine RoadMultiple License
Pat's Place Family Child care604-531-4886 [email protected]Surrey16 AvenueKing George BoulevardLicensed Family Child Care
Peach Tree Daycare604-538-3329 [email protected]Surrey9 Avenue161A StreetMulti Age Care
Pearl's Child Care604-729-2064 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue166 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Peninsula Child Care604-541-8433 [email protected]Surrey21 Avenue154 StreetMultiple License
Play & Learn Family Day Care604-538-2707 [email protected]White RockBuena Vista Avenue155 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Play - n - Grow Childcare Centre Inc.604-782-3546 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue136 StreetMulti Age Care
Play Along Day Care Centre604-574-3881 Surrey52 Avenue188 StreetGroup Child Care
Play-n-Grow Child Care Centre Inc #3604-782-3546 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue140 StreetGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Play-n-Grow Childcare Centre Inc. #2778-394-2268 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue138 StreetMulti Age Care
Playful Penguins Daycare778-789-6505 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue168 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Playtopia Day Care604-588-2543 [email protected]Delta90 Avenue111 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Pooh Bear Family DayCare604-591-2547 [email protected]Delta74 Avenue113 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Precious Angel Day Care604-220-1716 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue126 StreetMulti Age Care
Precious Seeds Montessori House604-535-9190 [email protected]Surrey24 Avenue132 StreetGroup Child Care
Prematernelle La Coccinelle604-599-6880 [email protected]Surrey68 Avenue132 StreetGroup Child Care
Prematernelle Lutins de Bois604-948-1222 [email protected]Delta7 Avenue49 StreetPreschool
Puddle Jumper's Home Daycare778-549-3851 [email protected]Surrey100 Street137A AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Ragamuffins Family Day Care604-575-0498 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue165 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Rainbow Bridges Enrichment Day Care604-943-2273 [email protected]Delta3 Avenue52 StreetMultiple License
Rainbow Land Child Care604-590-2220 [email protected].netSurrey83A Avenue149 StreetMulti Age Care
Rainbow Park Preschool604-536-4346 [email protected]Surrey16 Avenue156 StreetPreschool
Raindrops Daycare778-871-6549 [email protected]Surrey188 Street65 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Reach Developmental Preschool604-946-6622 308[email protected]Delta38 Avenue72 StreetPreschool
Reach Developmental Preschool604-596-0106 [email protected]Delta82 Avenue109 StreetPreschool
Reach For the Stars Day Care604-369-5422 [email protected]Surrey16 AvenueKing George BoulevardLicensed Family Child Care
Renaissance Kids778-434-3222 [email protected]Delta18 Avenue56 StreetMultiple License
Rise N Shine Child Care Inc.604-779-1940 [email protected]Surrey168 StreetFraser HighwayMulti Age Care
Rise N Shine Childcare #4604-779-1940 [email protected]Surrey93 Avenue151 StreetMulti Age Care
Rise N Shine Childcare Center Inc #3604-779-1940 [email protected]Surrey174 Street61A AvenueMulti Age Care
Rise N Shine Childcare Centre Inc #2604-779-1940 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue167 StreetMulti Age Care
Rising Stars Daycare778-861-3075 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue129 A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Robyn's Nest Daycare Inc604-560-1319 [email protected]Surrey172 Street3A AvenueMulti Age Care
Roots & Wings Montessori Sullivan604-575-0788 [email protected]SurreyHighway 10152 StreetMultiple License
Roots and Wings Montessori Heritage House604-574-5399 [email protected]Surrey54A Avenue152 StreetMultiple License
S&C TinyTown Family Child Care604-591-2191 [email protected]Delta82 Avenue112 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
SAECE - Henry Bose604-599-9900 [email protected]Surrey65 Avenue134 StreetPreschool
SAECE - Mary Jane Shannon604-588-6818 [email protected]Surrey106A Avenue144 StreetPreschool
SAECE - Old Yale Road604-588-4233 [email protected]SurreyOld Yale Road132 StreetPreschool
Salamat Childcare Centre604-928-9664 [email protected]Surrey126 Street72 AvenueMulti Age Care
Sandbox Station Daycare604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey95 Avenue160 StreetGroup Child Care
Sandcastles Family Day Care604-535-3447 [email protected]Surrey22 Avenue152 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sandpiper Preschool604-943-6366 [email protected]Delta17A Avenue59 StreetPreschool
Sandra's Home Daycare604-583-7145 [email protected]Surrey108A Avenue162A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Scallywags Childcare604-591-3662 [email protected]Surrey57 Avenue147A StreetLicense-Not-Required
Sea Stars Child Care Centre778-998-0405 [email protected]Surrey189 Street70A AvenueGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Sea Urchins Day Care604-943-6011 [email protected]Delta1 Avenue66A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Seaview Child Care Centre604-536-5772 [email protected]Surrey16 Avenue146 StreetMultiple License
Semiahmoo Child Care604-318-1472 [email protected]SurreySemiahmoo Road101 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Semiahmoo Junior Kindergarten778-988-5179 [email protected]Surrey14616Group Child Care
Shalom Children's Center778-837-0125 [email protected]Surrey104 AvenueWhalley BoulevardMulti Age Care
Sharon's Day Care604-765-7728 [email protected]Delta78 Avenue117 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Shelley's Place604-584-9907 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue157 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Shine-Sign604-773-2781 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue156 StreetMultiple License
Shnook Nook604-340-2736 [email protected]Delta48 Avenue48 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Shooting Stars Early Learning Centre604-724-6125 [email protected]Delta8A Avenue48 StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Sikh Academy Preschool604-599-3828 [email protected]Surey81 Avenue132 StreetMultiple License
Silver Ridge Montessori604-315-1085 [email protected]Surrey82 Avenue168 StreetGroup Child Care
Simply Kids Daycare604-501-0205 [email protected]Surrey64A Avenue128 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sing and Smile Child Care Ltd778-591-5999 [email protected]Surrey120 Street82 AvenueGroup Child Care
Small Steps Family Child Care604-200-4560 [email protected]Surrey131 Street68 AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Smart Beginnings Childcare Centre604-585-4147 [email protected]Surrey100 Avenue140 StreetMulti Age Care
Smart Dolphin Children's Center604-757-1171 [email protected]Surrey58 Avenue187 StreetGroup Child Care
Smile N Grow Daycare #2604-649-9769 [email protected]Surrey92 Avenue155A StreetMulti Age Care
Smile N Learn Child Care778-919-6153 [email protected]Surrey81 Avenue156 StreetMulti Age Care
Smile n' Grow Daycare604-649-9769 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue153 StreetMulti Age Care
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten North Surrey604-657-4255 Surrey91 Avenue160 StreetMultiple License
Smilestones Junior Kindergarten South Surrey604-536-9007 Surrey35 AvenueKing George BoulevardMultiple License
Smuyuq'wa' Lelum ECE Centre604-943-1322 [email protected]Delta1 Avenue50 StreetMultiple License
Solid Foundation Child Care Centre604-596-8189 [email protected]Surrey86 Avenue151B StreetMulti Age Care
Somewhere to Grow Montessori Preschool Jr Kindergarten778-578-0329 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue136 StreetPreschool
Sonia's Tiny Toons Daycare778-709-8084 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue150 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
South Delta Recreation Centre604-952-3020 Delta17 Avenue56 StreetOut-of-School Care
South Surrey Recreation Centre Preschool604-592-6970 [email protected]Surrey20 Avenue146 StreetPreschool
Southpoint Children's Centre604-817-6335 [email protected]Surrey30 Avenue152 StreetOut-of-School Care
Sowing Seeds Preschool604-594-4098 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue124 StreetPreschool
Spring 2 Early Learning Centre Ltd778-228-0880 [email protected]Surrey124 Street82 AvenueGroup Child Care
St. Andrew Kim Early Childhood Education Centre604-585-2941 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue161 StreetMultiple License
St. John's Child Care Center778-294-2225 [email protected]White Rock14 AvenueGeorge StreetMultiple License
St. Matthew's Preschool & Out of School Care604-589-7547 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue160 StreetMultiple License
Starbright Educare Daycare604-583-5756 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue155 StreetMultiple License
Step by Step Family Daycare778-232-8049 [email protected]Surrey99 Avenue151 StreetLicense-Not-Required
Step One Child Care Centre778-386-3185 [email protected]Surrey75 Avenue123 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Storytime Family Childcare604-595-7525 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue146 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Strong Foundations Learning 1604-560-2814 inf[email protected]Surrey35 Avenue150 StreetMulti Age Care
Strong Foundations Learning 2604-560-9113 [email protected]Surrey26 Avenue162 StreetMulti Age Care
Sugar Fountain Day Care604-502-7846 [email protected]Surrey78 Avenue143 StreetMulti Age Care
Sullivan's Kiddie Caboose Childcare Inc - 62 Ave778-565-3522 [email protected]Surrey14162Multiple License
Sundance Montessori School604-288-0331 [email protected]Surrey62 Avenue183 StreetMulti Age Care
Sunny Days Daycare778-828-2573 [email protected]Delta12 AvenueMorris CrescentIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Sunny Shores Family Daycare604-596-8703 [email protected]Surrey150A Street84 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Sunny Side Child Care604-590-3059 [email protected]Surrey62A Avenue141 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sunny Smile Child Care Center604-588-1102 [email protected]Surrey164 Street109 AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Sunny Town Learn and Play Childcare Centre778-999-1015 [email protected]Delta55 Street6 AvenueMultiple License
Sunrise Discovery Centre604-574-5101 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue186 StreetMultiple License
Sunrise Family Daycare604-538-6051 [email protected]Surrey0 Avenue173 StreetMulti Age Care
Sunshine Baby Family Child Care778-588-1956 [email protected]Surrey160 Street80 AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Sunshine Children's Centre604-580-2060 [email protected]Surrey107 Avenue131 StreetMultiple License
Sunshine Family Care778-395-8796 [email protected]Surrey93A Avenue154 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sunshine Family Daycare778-578-1888 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue144 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sunshine Grove Licensed Family Daycare604-575-1033 [email protected]Surrey70 Avenue191 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sunshine Hills Family Daycare604-908-2549 [email protected]Delta67 Avenue119 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Sunshine Hills Montessori604-502-0691 [email protected]Delta64 AvenueKnight DrivePreschool
Sunshine Hills Parent Participation604-596-2515 [email protected]Delta67 AvenueCarncross CrescentPreschool
Super Kids Daycare778-895-7317 [email protected]Surrey115A Avenue139 StreetMulti Age Care
Superlearners Childcareland778-895-7317 [email protected]Surrey140 AvenueGrosevenor RoadMultiple License
Surrey Child Care778-394-4432 [email protected]Surrey135 Street98A AvenueLicensed Family Child Care
Surrey Christian Preschool and Out of School Care604-581-7073 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue162 StreetMultiple License
Surrey Christian School Early Learning Centre604-498-3233 [email protected]Surrey186 StreetFraser HighwayGroup Child Care
Surrey City Childcare Ltd.604-771-6825 [email protected]Surrey122 Street100 AvenueMultiple License
Surrey Junior YMCA Kids Club604-575-5515 [email protected]Surrey57 Avenue149 StreetMultiple License
Sweet Bambini Children's Centre778-688-3126 [email protected]Surrey155 Street110 AvenueGroup Child Care(infant/toddler)
Sweet Kids Child Care604-626-9696 [email protected]Surrey149 Street102A AvenueLicense-Not-Required
Sweet Pea Family Child Care778-903-1000 [email protected]Delta5B Avenue53 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Tender Love & Care Daycare604-585-4321 [email protected]Surrey93 Avenue120A StreetGroup Child Care
Tender Love and Care Daycare #2604-585-4321 [email protected]Surrey93 Avenue120A StreetMultiple License
Tender Spirits Childcare604-572-7487 [email protected]Surrey61 Avenue129A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
The Biggest Little Preschool #2604-590-3833 Surrey60 Avenue148 StreetMultiple License
The Biggest Little Preschool & Child Care Centre604-572-3563 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue149 StreetMultiple License
The Centre for Child Development Preschool and Child Care604-584-1361 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue140 StreetMultiple License
The Children's Centre at Gateway604-581-5853 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue133 A StreetMultiple License
The Learning Tree Daycare778-714-9800 [email protected]Surrey142 Street61A AvenueMulti Age Care
The Learning Tree Holdings Corporation604-501-2944 [email protected]DeltaBond Boulevard112 StreetOut-of-School Care
The Lighthouse Early Learning Centre604-575-7178 [email protected]Surrey174 Street60 AvenueMulti Age Care
The Little Bridge Early Years Centre778-870-4849 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue146 StreetMulti Age Care
The Maria Montessori School604-597-0638 [email protected]Surrey156 Street89 AvenuePreschool
The Rainbow Connection Children's Centre604-943-2273 [email protected]Delta2 Avenue52A StreetMultiple License
The Royal Kids Care and Education Centre778-707-0072 [email protected]Surrey94 Avenue132A StreetIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
The Yellow Door Daycare604-813-5224 [email protected]Delta48A Avenue60 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Three Little Pigs Family Day Care778-574-5142 [email protected]Surrey73 Avenue192 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Tigger Tales Family Child Care604-531-6389 [email protected]Surrey20 Avenue160 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Tina's Tiny Tots Daycare604-803-5020 [email protected]Delta49 Avenue61 StreetMulti Age Care
Tiny Toes Daycare604-812-9255 [email protected]Surrey151 Street67A AvenueMulti Age Care
Tiny Toes Learning Centre604-765-0355 [email protected]Surrey88 Avenue190 StreetMultiple License
Tiny Tots Daycare Centre604-580-2337 [email protected]Delta107 AvenueDunlop RoadLicense-Not-Required
Tiny Wings Children's Centre604-531-4718 [email protected]Surrey24 Avenue130 StreetMulti Age Care
Tiny Wings Montessori604-531-4718 [email protected]Surrey24 Avenue130 StreetGroup Child Care
Toddler Tech Child Care778-877-5523 [email protected]Surrey58A Avenue139 StreetMulti Age Care
Tots of Fun Daycare778-288-9885 [email protected]Surrey102 Avenue146 StreetMulti Age Care
Toy Box Early Childhood Centre604-512-0406 [email protected]Surrey60 Avenue132 StreetMultiple License
Toy Castle Family Daycare778-836-3271 [email protected]Surrey72 Avenue138 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Tracy's Tots604-588-0699 [email protected]Delta94 Avenue116 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Treasure Chest Family Daycare604-946-9269 [email protected]Delta43 Avenue57 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Treehouse Child Development Centre604-541-1413 [email protected]caWhite Rock15 AvenueOxford StreetOut-of-School Care
Treehouse Kids Care604-704-6484 [email protected]Surrey151A Street85A AvenueIn Home Multi-Age Child Care
Turning Point Lighthouse Preschool604-588-9080 Surrey96 Avenue123 StreetPreschool
Twinkle Star Family Daycare778-565-1820 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue156 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Tykes and Tiara's LFC778-995-3937 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue158 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Urban Kids Montessori604-372-2111 [email protected]Surrey191 Street72 AvenueMultiple License
Valerie's Daycare604-581-2342 [email protected]Surrey108 Avenue164 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Valuable Kidz Daycare Centre Ltd.604-807-4900 [email protected]Delta75A Avenue116 StreetGroup Child Care
Vibrant Kids Family Daycare604-657-9792 [email protected]omSurrey58th Avenue149 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Victory Children Centre778-881-7306 [email protected]Surrey92 AvenuePrince Charles BoulevardMulti Age Care
W.E. Kinvig Grow and Learn604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey71 Avenue136B StreetPreschool
We are the World Montessori Daycare604-576-1662 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue165 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Wee Bairns604-943-4786 [email protected]Delta10 Avenue52A StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Wee Saints Childcare604-574-4363 [email protected]Surrey59 Avenue175 StreetPreschool
Wee Saints School Age Care604-574-5151 Surrey59 Avenue174 StreetOut-of-School Care
Westerman Preschool604-501-5038 [email protected]Surrey76 Avenue122 StreetPreschool
Whalley Daycare Ltd604-581-0237 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue132A StreetMultiple License
Whalley Learning Centre and Child Care604-581-0237 [email protected]Surrey105 Avenue133 StreetMultiple License
White Rock Christian Academy Junior Kindergarten604-531-9186 [email protected]Surrey22 Avenue152 StreetPreschool
Wiggles & Giggles Child Care604-594-8104 [email protected]Delta80 Avenue114 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Wind & Tide - 140 Street604-575-0549 [email protected]Surrey16 Avenue140 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide - Sunnyside604-575-0549 [email protected]Surrey24 Avenue156 StreetGroup Child Care
Wind & Tide - Westwinds604-575-0549 [email protected]Surrey63 Avenue176 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide Child Development Centre604-575-0549 [email protected]White RockProspect Avenue151 StreetGroup Child Care
Wind & Tide Preschool - Gracepoint604-575-0549 [email protected]Surrey34 AvenueKing George HighwayPreschool
Wind & Tide Preschool Cloverdale United604-575-0549 Surrey58 Avenue175 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide Preschool Ladner604-946-7036 [email protected]Delta47 Avenue53 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide Preschool Parklands604-575-0549 [email protected]Surrey95 Avenue160 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide Preschool Sunnyside604-560-6011 Surrey24 Avenue156 StreetPreschool
Wind & Tide Preschool Tsawwassen604-943-6456 Delta6th Avenue55 StreetPreschool
Wind and Tide Preschool Prospect604-575-0549 [email protected]White Rock12 Avenue151 StreetGroup Child Care
Wonder Corner604-512-0406 [email protected]Surrey66B Avenue131 StreetMulti Age Care
Wonderland Family Childcare604-593-3984 [email protected]Surrey80 Avenue160 StreetLicensed Family Child Care
Wonderville Child Centre604-593-7326 [email protected]Surrey75 Avenue120 StreetMultiple License
Woodland Daycare778-384-6255 [email protected]Delta65 Avenue110 StreetOut-of-School Care
YMCA City Hall Childcare604-558-6301 [email protected]Surrey104 Avenue135 StreetMultiple License
Young Buddies Club604-644-1216 [email protected]Surrey112 Avenue137 StreetOut-of-School Care
Young Climbers Preschool604-590-5833 [email protected]Surrey73 Avenue144 StreetPreschool
Young Explorers Child Care604-767-6949 [email protected]Delta81 Avenue118A StreetMulti Age Care
Zoo Buddies Child Care604-317-0678 [email protected]Surrey194 Street65 AvenueLicense-Not-Required

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