New polyvinyl Mats

New set of eight polyvinyl mats available in the early childhood resource library and two individual polyvinyl mats for families in the parent lending library. These mats can be used to enhance the physical education in many ways. When an activity mat is placed on the floor, it sends a non-verbal message to the user that “This is my space for the work I need to do.” Adult or child led stretching, breathing or resting can be done on the mats alone or in a group, balance, flexibility and coordination can be discussed and practiced on these types of mats and mindfulness can occur when one engages in activities such as these. Listening to the words and sounds around us, to the raise and fall of our breaths and to the signals of our own bodies is all part of physical education and connecting with our bodies. These exercises can be supplemented by photos, videos or literature that support learning goals which will be individual to each user. Weather it’s bending bodies into letters, strengthening muscles, practicing patience or engaging in Yoga, the early childhood and parent resource libraries have materials to support your body literacy practices. 

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