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Have you visited our parent resource lending library yet? If you live in Delta, Surrey or White Rock you can borrow items!

Planning a road trip, a restaurant evening out, a family dinner at the in-laws? Come have a look at our travel collection in the parent lending library. There are an assortment of mini books, travel toys and small games that can easily be packed along anywhere to keep your children engaged and entertained. In lieu of taking out the smart phone or ipad, opt for toys and activities that can foster imagination and interaction with others. While looking for items for the children, take a peek at our selection of parenting, guidance and psychology books for yourself, too!

New play item in the parent library! This back yard or patio barbecue comes with a set of kitchen items and some recyclable loose parts. Tongs, plates and bowls help children practice fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills and the loose parts help foster conversation, imagination and pretend play. Pairing familiar, manufactured toys with loose parts is a great way to slowly introduce the concept of loose parts into your family play times. This set uses carpet, wood and fabric squares to provoke the idea of food, but, because they are not one function, specially designed pieces of plastic food, discussion and debate allow many pieces of food to be afforded from loose parts.

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